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The CAFTCAD Awards: a long overdue celebration of Canadian costume arts and design, recognizing the immensity of talent in this country. The scope of the awards will reflect the range of abilities in contemporary, period and fantasy elements, differing media platforms, running lengths and budgets.

Costume designers and artisans who are either Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and have worked on projects (feature film, short film, television, music videos, web series, commercials) which have been produced within Canada (costumes must have been primarily built/created in Canada) will be eligible. The eligibility period for the 2019 CAFTCAD Awards is December 1, 2017 to December 1, 2018 for projects that have been released theatrically, online, on streaming services, on television/cable, or participated in accredited film festivals. 

The CAFTCAD Awards are open to both CAFTCAD Members and All Costumers in the Canadian Film and Television industries.


Award Categories will include: Film: Contemporary • Film: Period • TV: Contemporary • TV: Period • TV: Sci-Fi/Fantasy • Original Web Series • Commercials • Music Videos • Short Films • an Icon Industry Award as well as craft categories for Excellence in Textile Art, Illustration and Building.


Aga Khan Museum

Cresting on the excitement of awards season, the CAFTCAD Awards take place within the white granite walls of the majestic Aga Khan Museum, designed by Japanese Pritzker Prize-winner Fumihiko Maki and Indian modernist Charles Correa, in Toronto on February 10, 2019. The evening will begin with press lining a red carpet at the entrance to photograph and interview the guests, followed by cocktails and hors d'oeuvres prepared by noted Chef Mark McEwan, an array of nominated costumes on display throughout the grand promenade which surrounds a double-height courtyard encased in glass walls etched in an ornamental patterns, and a full portrait studio for nominees, winners, presenters and guests.

The ceremony itself will take place in the Aga Khan’s state-of-the-art auditorium which features exquisite architecture and excellent acoustics. It will be hosted and presented by Canadian actors and costume design icons accompanied by striking media presentations. Following the ceremony, guests will return to the atrium for the afterparty.

A ceremony which honours the excellence in design achievements of Canadian costumers and artisans is long overdue. Their contribution to the evolution of the Canadian film and television industry cannot be underestimated and recognizing these immense talents with a proper event that allows for nation-wide eligibility is something I am very proud to be spearheading.
— Event Chair Joanna Syrokomla


The CAFTCAD Awards is an incorporated, not for profit entity made up of enthusiastic volunteers who believe strongly that Film, Television and Media Arts Costume Design and Arts in Canada deserve their own recognition at a gala event.


Joanna Syrokomla

Event Chair and President


Cynthia Amsden

Co -Chair, Head of Publicity & Script


Alex Kavanagh

CAFTCAD President and Vice President of the CAFTCAD Awards


Moe Rai



Sponsorship: Nathan Laws, Sarah Friedlander, Semco Salehi & Moe Rai

Display Coordinator: Deanna Sciortino

Social Media: Jo Jin

Jury Committee Coordinator: Iris Simpson

Printed program Coordinator: Melanie Lian

Award Trophy Design: Adam Smith

West Coast Rep: Rafaella Rabinovich


CAFTCAD began from a collective desire to bring together costume professionals from all corners of the industry, regardless of union affiliation. Through shared interest, respect and passion for the costume arts, CAFTCAD provides its members with an online and physical forum, promoting open discussion, shared learning, resources and professional networking.

Promotion of our members profiles, achievements and projects are just some of CAFTCAD’s many goals. Educational seminars, speaker series, industry product information, events and related promotions from our suppliers play an active role in creative and professional development. Focus is also placed on increasing both public and media awareness of our craft.

From our honorary members to emerging students of costume, we embrace the full spectrum of experience and knowledge embodied by our membership. We celebrate the contributions of Canadian costume designers and artisans in the international industry of filmmaking.

With support from the fashion industry that includes suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and fashion designers combined with the film industry’s unions, guilds, suppliers and retailers, our goal is to establish branding recognition of our organization, its members, their talent and services available within Canada.

As we continue to combine the forces of local costume professionals we also have plans to expand beyond our province’s borders. Our intent is to evolve into a nationwide association, establishing local chapters in every film centre in the country, providing a national organization for all Canadian costume professionals.

CAFTCAD was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization May 2nd, 2008. We have established by-laws and a constitution, criteria, levels of membership and a structured election process. Our Executive Board is made up of all three sectors of our industry, providing a clear, non-partisan membership-driven vision of the Alliance’s mandate and goals.